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Starich Education Group, headquartered in Singapore, is one of the largest and most professional education and study abroad consultation services in Singapore. As a one stop centre, we provide a comprehensive and bespoke services for international students who would like to study in Singapore.

This include services such as international, private and government schools application, tuition, visa application, accommodation, preparatory courses for examinations, student consultation, enrichment activities for international students and investment migrations for families.

Currently we are managing a portfolio of hundreds over international students studying in government schools, international schools and universities in Singapore. We will make sure that the parents are well- informed on the student’s current situation, both socially and academically.

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Starich Education is a professional education services provider with more than 30 years of experience in private and public schools, accommodation and new educational trends our expertise is in all matters related to the Singapore education system.

As your consultant, we will pay special attention to ensuring that your needs are met effectively. Contact us today.

Ryan @ Starich Education Singapore
Chief Executive Officer


Ryan is a Singaporean with over a decade of experience in providing consultancy services for international students. He is dedicated to the education industry, and well equipped with knowledge of Singapore is culture and its educational environment. Ryan has provided customized plans for over thousands of international students. He is very popular among students from China, Russia, England, Swiss, Italy, Japan and Korea.

Moon @ Starich Education Singapore
Chief Operating Officer


Moon has over a decade of experience in providing consultancy services for international students, specializing in the admission process and interview techniques for all kinds of international schools and government schools. She is well versed in immigration and education policies and has customized plans for over a thousand international students, successfully enrolled over a hundred into famous schools and obtained Permanent Resident status for many international students.

Breann @ Starich Education Singapore
Director of Marketing


Breann has been in the consultancy business for international students for over 10 years since graduation. She is dedicated to this career and has provided customized plans for thousands of international students and helped them to obtain Permanent Resident Status.

Daisy 3
Director, Investment & International Relations


Daisy has more than ten years of managerial experience, she also held the position of sales executive director in her family business for many years. In 2015, Daisy became a partner of a Singaporean education institution, and she has been working as an educational consultant ever since. Daisy loves this industry: she is very responsible and always cares for students and parents. Customizing study abroad plans for international students are her forte as she is very familiar with the Singaporean education system. Looking to constantly improve herself, Daisy is currently studying a master’s degree in education related field in Singapore.

Bertram @ Starich Education Singapore
Media Partner


Sarah @ Starich Education Singapore
Media Editor


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