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The competitive nature of e-sports has made more people realize that it is not just a game, but a manifestation of competitive spirit. The self-improvement and teamwork it pursues are not essentially different from traditional sports.
Although the relationship between e-sports and sports has always been controversial, this does not prevent sports from using the Internet or electronic devices to develop new styles.

The development of the e-sports industry is faster than any other industry. We see an increasing demand for e-sports professionals in the market. Starich Academy will use its excellent e-sports infrastructure and expertise. Knowledge brings innovation to the e-sports education industry, and strives to cultivate global e-sports talents through unprecedented innovative education projects and teaching environments.

Nowadays, e-sports is one of the areas that has the greatest impact on the media and entertainment industry. Play an important pivotal role in training the next generation of leaders in the e-sports industry.
Just as leaders in the traditional sports industry benefit from systematic education and training, people with enthusiasm and talent for e-sports will also gain opportunities for further education and diversified career development through innovative and systematic education courses.

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