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Starich Group focuses on 3 CORE functions as an Education hub

  1. Academic Classes
  2. General English Classes
  3. Preparatory Classes


  1. Academic Classes

– IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

CAMBRIDGE More than 30 years ago. It’s the most common foreign certification in the world today. Not only is it fully international-it offers students greater flexibility than any other international degree. This ensures more topics to pick from, more opportunities to learn and more avenues to excel.

– Singapore O-Level

 Cambridge O Level is an internationally recognised qualification equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and the UK GCSE. It offers learners with outstanding training for the Cambridge Advanced as well as other advancement paths.

– Singapore A-Level

Advanced level qualifications (known as A levels) Subject-based certificates that can contribute to further education, further education, employment or job. Normally, you will learn three or more A levels for two years. They are typically tested by a set of measures.

– IB (International Baccalaureate)

Specific subject Certificates can be completed by students who do not intend to pursue the IB Graduation Program. Students who complete the course of study in an IB subject are entitled to take individual Certificate examinations. Colleges grant an equal course on admission for students receiving grades of 5 or more on a scale of 7on IB test.


  1. General English Classes

Communication Class

  • In a leadership or management role and trying to interact efficiently and persuade stakeholders;
  • Involved in driving positive progress within the team and company by effective teamwork and communication;
  • Looking to strengthen collaboration and power and encourage others to promote creativity, growth and social progress in the organization;
  • A new job or an interest in transferring to a new place and would like to improve the teamwork, leadership and communication skills for power and impact;

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Learning to learn English can be an important part of our daily life, and with the right instruction, you would be able to interact easily in English. Here at Starich, we offer a variety of foreign language courses in Singapore to help you learn and expand on your English skills.

Essential English Language extends the range of confidence to Speak in English Fluently

This curriculum emphasizes on the usage of real-life English with an emphasis on English communication by realistic and useful class discussions. Not only is this class enjoyable and helpful, it also serves to improve all facets of the English language, such as listening, vocabulary, reading and understanding.



Beginner class modules, which are valuable for students who want to complete their studies, cover four skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading, as well as concentrating on vocabulary growth, pronunciation and grammar, presenting students with an atmosphere and an ability to incorporate everything they study so that they can express themselves confidently.

In class, students are inspired and guided by their teachers to enhance their speaking, reading, writing and listening abilities, as well as to enhance their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. In addition, the program relies on the realistic execution of the knowledge learned in the classroom.


The elementary class is built for students who have already studied some English and who want to draw on their English language abilities for social and daily purposes. It is anticipated that students’ writing and speaking skills will be limited at this level.

The language can be mainly or fully mastered by practice and drilling. Reading and listening abilities would be more developed than speaking and writing skills. At the end of the level, students are required to be able to comprehend straight-forward facts in spoken and written English and to articulate themselves in expression and in writing for basic functional purposes in daily circumstances such as asking for directions, ordering food at a restaurant, making appointments and reservations; expressing degrees of certainty and frequency and talking about the past.   It’s a course that trains students for the next level of English.


Our Pre-Intermediate Stage is built for students with an English order that enables them to use the language to cope with familiar social and daily circumstances. At the end of this stage, our students should be able to recognize and use common daily terms and very simple phrases tailored to suit their needs.

They should also be able to present themselves to others and to ask and answer questions regarding personal information, such as personal interests, where he/she lives, people he/she knows and stuff he/she has. Students should still be able to communicate in a straightforward manner, given the other individual responds slowly and plainly and is willing to assist.


Our Intermediate Stage is built for students who need to learn and articulate themselves through speech and writing-information, thoughts, emotions, viewpoints and popular phrases regarding daily circumstances in simple spoken and written language.

At the conclusion of this stage, our students are required to be able to recognize sentences and commonly encountered phrases relevant to areas of most immediate interest (e.g.  family information, personal details, shopping, local geography, jobs).

Our students should also be able to engage in basic English discussions and routine activities involving a simple and straightforward sharing of knowledge on familiar and routine problems. They should also be able to explain, in basic words, facets of their context, the immediate atmosphere and topics of immediate concern.


Our advanced level is intended for students who use or use English on a daily basis and who want to develop their fluency and precision, as well as to expand their vocabulary to include more technical English specific to their own fields of interest.

At the end of this stage, students should be able to grasp the key concepts of complicated texts on both specific and abstract subjects, including technical debates in their field of interest. Students should also be able to communicate with a degree of fluency and creativity that allows daily conversation with native speakers feasible and convenient for any side.

In addition, students should also be able to create a straightforward, informative text on a broad variety of subjects and to clarify their point of view on the topical question, providing the advantages and drawbacks of different viewpoints.

Class sizes are small, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to your individual needs. This gives you more time for personal attention, enjoying the benefits of a group environment.

Business English Class

Do you want to connect more professionally with the workplace? Do you have a career interview or a big chat coming up? Would you want to boost your job chances with improved English? If your response is YES, this Company English course is the best choice for you. Practice Business English with our highly enticing Business English courses in Singapore. They are built to boost the level of overall business contact. As a consequence, you can improve your efficiency at work and interact better with your co-workers and customers.

Class sizes are minimal, enabling teachers to adapt lessons to their specific needs. This allows you more time for personal focus, loving the rewards of a community atmosphere when studying Company English.

Topics to be covered

-Dealing with the breakdown of coordination
-Formal emails and minutes of operation
-Writing Letter & Report
-Solving Dispute
-Asking and listening to tough questions
-Dealing with the customer’s concerns and crisis

  1. Preparatory Classes for examination

    -SPERS (The School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans)

It is a consolidated merit-based selection exercise for Returning Singaporeans who plan to attend high school at 1, 2 or 3 secondary school at the beginning of the next academic year. It is not obligatory and does not ensure entry to your preferred degree. It is meant for those who enjoy the ease of a centralized placement exercise.

– AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) / S-AEIS (Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students)

The Admissions Exercise for International Students is a consolidated admissions exercise administered by MOE during September or October each year for international students who wish to enter our conventional primary and secondary schools in January of the following year.

The AEIS consists of a centralized examination on English and Mathematics, which will determine the applicant’s English comprehension, numeracy and thinking skills.

– WIDA (
World-class Instructional Design and Assessment)

Design and introduction of quality expectations and fair educational facilities for English-speaking learners. Serve as an intermediate evaluation during the academic year, offering details that guides curriculum preparation and other actions relevant to student education.

Predict student success on ACCESS for ELLs and/or guidance on teaching and curricular decisions when waiting for ACCESS for ELL score reports

Determine the positioning of the tier on ACCESS for ELLs (English Language Learners)

– CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test)

The Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4) is a diagnostic evaluation intended to help students and their instructors recognize how they think and what their intellectual success could be. It assesses how students think in areas that are considered to bring a difference to learning.

While several assessments concentrate on child success in core topics, CAT4 is intended to offer schools a much wider, more rounded perspective of each child, their ability and how they learn. Results help teachers determine the level of learning that is right for a student and whether extra assistance or challenge is required.


APTIS – English language test

If you need a successful language testing method for your company, APTIS is the best test for you.

Built by language testing professionals, APTIS is underpinned by the new evaluation study. It provides accurate outcomes to allow better decision-making on your language teaching, benchmarking or selection processes.

APTIS is trusted by governments and institutions in more than 85 countries to verify and develop the standards of English.

– TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL is a comprehensive English Language proficiency exam that tests the command over reading, hearing, communicating and writing abilities to conduct university-level academic activities. Administered across the Internet by ETS, TOEFL exam scores are commonly recognized by more than 10,000 universities, departments and organisations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The TOEFL consists of four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing.


The International English Language Training System (IELTS) is a comprehensive English literacy exam for higher education in English-speaking countries. It is administered and collectively operated by the IDP and the British Council. The IELTS measures all four language skills required for successful communication: speaking, hearing, reading and writing. IELTS Classroom is a rigorous prep course intended to help you rank well on IELTS. Our advanced IELTS training technique guarantees that you thoroughly master all four parts of the exam.

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