Holiday Programme

Holiday Programme

Holiday English Programme
Holiday Art Programme
Holiday Music Programme
Holiday STEAM Programme
International School Summer Camp Programme

7 Days Holiday Programme

Student can gain experience and knowledge of different cultures, and gain more insights into these differences. A camping trip allows students to experiences first hand outdoor survival skill, they can also improve on team building skills, social skills and train their power of will.
The English Holiday programme, improves English knowledge and promotes understanding of Singapore’s culture at the same time. Through our Holiday Art programme, student will gain inspiration and exposure to all major Singapore art museums and classes.
On international school trips, student will gain insights of internationally famous schools, and have hands-on exposure of top school facilities, including technology labs and science museums.

14 Days Holiday Programme

To experience the local multi-culture of Singaporeans, developing character on top of academic improvement.

30 Days Holiday Programme

Special training camp for future leaders

1. A month-long holiday programme experience that enable students to come to a decision for permanent, long term studying abroad.
2. Gain experience of Singapore’s school life through a student immersion programme and interaction with local school students.
3. Test the students’ level of self motivation, and ability to be independent in order to determine if they are suitable for living overseas;
4. Shorter duration in comparison to normal school terms, but focusing on experiences and a variety of activities. Join top primary and secondary schools’ classes and be offered one to one tutorials so that they can keep up in class.

Customized Holiday Programme

Starich Education can offer customized holiday programme depending on the student’s profile and interests.

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