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The Starich Education Organisation, based in Singapore, is one of the leading specialized education institute and a study consultation services in Singapore. As a one-stop centre we offer extensive and personalized facilities to foreign students who would like to study in Singapore.
This includes facilities such as applications for international, private and government school’s application, tuition, visa approvals, accommodation, preparatory courses for examinations, student consultation, enrichment activities for international students and investment migrations for families.
We are presently overseeing a portfolio of hundreds of international students enrolled in government schools, international schools and universities in Singapore. We would ensure that parents are fully advised regarding the overall condition of the pupil, both socially and academically.

Our Teachers

Janice Kwok

Subject:English, Mathematics (Primary), Geography

I graduated with an Honours Degree in Geography from the National University of Singapore. I have been teaching tuition for primary school students for the past four years to a diverse range of students and have been staying relevant regarding education benchmarks in local schools.  My teaching methods reflect my awareness of different learning needs through employing up to date teaching methods such as visuals and stories in my lessons. It is my personal mantra to help students achieve the best academically while enjoying the process of learning. Seeing the smiles on my students’ faces while they learn through activities, music and stories, always strengthens my passion in teaching.

ZL Zhang

Subject:Science & Maths

Graduated from National University of Singapore with a Degree in Life Sciences after finishing his A levels at Meridian Junior College. He has worked with many youths for their studies, guiding them in their learning and equipping them with the skills necessary to unlock their learning potential. Every Student is able to take charge of their learning! Lessons are catered to assist the students through their thought process and guiding them towards finding out the answers on their own. Questions are posed to challenge the analytical skills of the students, allowing them to tackle their problem effectively. Work with students from diverse backgrounds and learning capabilities. Able to cater to the students needs and allowing them to learn at a pace where it challenges them to improve, building confidence in them!

Dwayne Chan


Graduated with a degree in Computer Science from a Canadian university after completing his Ontario Secondary School Diploma, holds an SIM graduate diploma in Marketing Management and a British diploma in TESOL, as well as certificates in teaching phonics, pronunciation, creativity and drama. He has participated in IELTS trainer workshops by British Council Manchester and IDP Singapore. He has been teaching the English language of all levels and IELTS, at various colleges and centres, for almost two decades after discovering his passion in teaching. He is experienced in teaching a broad spectrum of learners who have achieved and even exceeded their own education goal. Believing that every learner is naturally talented and capable, he uses various proven methodologies to enhance learning and make the learning experience most memorable to learners and bring out the best in them. His inspiring mentor quote: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ~ William Arthur Ward

Tina Safari


Education: BA, DipEd, Dip in Tesol
Founder of All Write! English, Ms Tina has more 18 years of experience teaching English in both government and private schools, and is the Curriculum Developer for Primary & Secondary English, IELTS. ESL and Creative Writing. Currently one of only 2 approved Cambridge International Examinations Programme Leader for Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Singapore, Ms Tina has guided more than 300 teachers and even more students to success. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (English Language & Drama and Performance), NTU, a Diploma in Education, NIE, a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers, CIE and Diploma in TESOL. She looks forward to get everyone Enthused for English. All Write!

WL Sin


Subject:Maths, Science, Economics
A strong believer of Bespoke Education. Student is at the very heart of the lesson. Each lesson is aimed at developing the mindset of an independent learner taking self ownership, cultivating a growth mind of ‘I can do it.’
A lot of questioning techniques employed to undercover what the student does not know that he does not know. Gentle but firm approach to bring student to improved performance and greater confidence. Enabling a future and world ready lifelong learner.
More than 20 years experience,  PGDE with merit from NIE,  ex MOE teacher in Serangoon Junior College teaching Physics and Project Work.

Dr TW Lim

Doctor in Business Administration (Newcastle)
Master in Business Administration (Hull)
Master in Christian Studies (BGST)
Teaching Subject:English / Maths (primary school) / Theology
Teaching experience:More than ten years

Cary Lawrance Harding


ESL Teacher

Cary is originally from the United Kingdom. He completed a bachelor’s degree in media and performing arts at De Montfort University, and worked for several years as a photo shoot planner for a fashion company. Since moving to Singapore in 2013, Cary has been enjoying exploring Southeast Asia (and its food!). He likes travel, cooking, photography and running.

Cary has a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) and loves meeting new students.

James Challander


ESL Teacher

James is originally from the U.S.A. and has been living in Southeast Asia since 1994. He graduated from Columbia International University with a Masters Degree in Divinity and received his Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from London Teacher Training College. Having studied Greek, Spanish and Indonesian, he is able to relate to students’ learning needs. He believes that lessons conducted in a lively and creative environment makes learning a rewarding experience.

Dean Roberts


ESL Teacher

Dean is from England and graduated from The University of Hull with an MBA in investment and finance. Besides working in a wide range of corporate sectors like investment, renewable energies, recycling and banking for over 15 years, he has been teaching English for 3 years, and in particular loves teaching children and Business English. He believes classes should be interactive and fun with an emphasis on group work and communication. In his spare times he loves sports, travel and continued professional development .

Jeff Toebes


ESL Teacher

He is from the EU and has been living in Singapore since 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Languages and a master’s degree in International Business Communication. He also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). Having lived abroad most of his adult life, it should come as no surprise that his hobbies include travelling, learning about cultures and experiencing new types of food. Jeff believes that a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment encourages students to successfully improve their language skills.

Mahaletchumi Sivalingam


ESL Teacher

Ms Maha has 20 years of experience teaching the English language.  In the university, she specialises in academic and professional communication skills.  For her private tuition students, she customises her teaching techniques and learning materials to suit the learners’ needs.  Her aim is to increase the students’ levels of understanding and use of the English language in reading, writing and speaking.

Sebastian Stanley


ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience (2002-2020)  I am specialized in teaching “ESL” English as a Second Language to foreign students who are pursuing their diplomas and degree programs. I teach the four main skills Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking skills in a fun way.  The methodologies in teaching the foreign students differ from teaching the mainstream English students. I believe that lessons should be fun and engaging. ESL games are played in class to make lessons more interesting. There is an exposure of media such as news and documentaries too. I have taught Students are from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Laos, Brazil, Russia and Korea. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the ESL students.


Elena Fernandez


She moved to Singapore 9 years ago to pursue a passion for teaching. Before that, she worked as a television producer and radio announcer for 12 years. Elena studied Public Relations before completing a London Teacher Training Diploma in TESOL and PG Diploma in Teaching English to Young Learners from the University of York, UK.  Elena has been an ESL instructor for 8 years and spends her weekends on Singapore’s Gold905 FM.

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