Video Editing




– Elements of Videography- What are the things and steps needed to know about video?Content Theory
– Elements of Videography
– What are the things and steps needed to know about video?


Students will be tasked to shoot b-rolls with their mobile phones with objective in mind


E.g: objectives, equipment, framing techniques, types of shots, editing, lighting

E.g: Planning to shoot a product

E.g maggie mee roll, soft drink, something they have at home (if online lesson)

Editing Theory
– Elements of Editing
– What are the things and steps needed to know about editing?Practical
– Editing with Consultation

Review and Critic
– Product review with class and critic

Final Takeaway
How to create a good story and why it is important


(for students to take back and reflect and also help with them embarking their journey)



1. Film making VS videography
– Film making industry and how it works
– What is important in film making
– 3 act structure
– How to make your shot look nice
– How to direct your actors2. Short films 

Writing a script
Creating a shot list
Shoot your short story
Edit your films (with consult)
Review and Critic


Pair up and write a simple (one character) script to be shot (with consult)




Choose 1 Short Film for practical

Objective is to make a short film together in the class with discussion, pre-production and shooting and editing.


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